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All About Candle Wax


The white wax that you sometimes see in candles isn't the only kind of wax. There are many other types too. Have a quick look at some of the most typical kinds of wax.

Among other kinds of wax, the paraffin wax is the most typical type. Majority of candles are made from this wax. Paraffin wax has great utility as it is used to make other stuff like containers and pillars. The flexibility of this wax is due to its different melting points which make it suitable to create different things. But, latterly this wax is under perusal, and some feedback has come its way. Paraffin is a side-effect of petroleum refining processes and is therefore considered toxic. On the contrary, it being related to petroleum does not make it toxic. In fact, making use of a derivative is like reprocessing the waste.

Another sort of common wax is the beeswax. It is in use since the time of the pyramids. It is very clear from the name that this wax comes from the bees. The bees excrete wax to protect their larvae in the bee hive. Beeswax has a sweet perfume as it is mingled with honey. This perfume varies as per the plant or the flower the bees are feeding on. The wax is extracted from the hive and put through a sequence of processes to get a clear wax, freed from different kinds of particles. The most common use of this wax is waxing in the makeover salons. You must avoid waxing if you are suffering from acne ; rather, you need to use effective anti acne solutions like Exposed Skin Care System.

A kind of wax which has been getting a lot of appreciation of late is the soy wax. It combines both environmentally safe nature and cheap pricing. It is better than paraffin wax that is derived from petroleum, and cheaper than the natural beeswax, which is a touch expensively priced. Soy wax is in general made from 100% soybean oil. But there are some waxes that are made by mixing soybean oil with plant oils and waxes.

Gel candles are quite easily obtainable at most markets. Aromatic and beautiful, they can also help folks relieve stress headaches and achieve peace. Nevertheless the gel candle is not truly made of typical wax. It is instead, made with a mixture of resin and mineral. The undeniable fact that it can burn, melt and contain a fragrance ; is what makes it like real wax. The difference though , is fairly clear in its clear texture that allows the formation of these new types of candles.

All the already mentioned waxes have their benefits and disadvantages ; consider them before you set out to make your candles.


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